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It is a natural flooring solution. Yes, you heard that right. It is essentially a combination of
quartz sand and calcium carbonate. Quartz is the most important sand forming mineral – given its
resistance to not only physical wear and tear but also chemical weathering.

Quartz floors have become a new trend in flooring options owing to its high build and durability,
its aesthetic appeal, the fact that its customizable to match any required setting and most of all –
its nearly zero maintenance requirement.

The floor consists of coloured quartz which is embedded and fused between the product layers,
which not only provide its appealing look but also the increased slip and abrasion resistance –
making this one of the most commonly installed flooring systems today.

The Quartz flooring options which you will have with us will be second to none! We manufacture
our own epoxy and polyaspartic, which is up there with the best being manufactured in the market
today, so do not be fooled by cheap imitations. They imitations may be a sincere attempt at flattery
but they are never close to the real product.

The products being developed undergo extensive research, development and testing phases before
they are eventually rolled out in the market to suit your setting and provide you with the aesthetic
and maintenance-free flooring system which you had been looking for!

These flooring systems are best suited for areas which undergo heavy foot traffic and daily wear
and tear.