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A metallic epoxy floor covering is coated glitter-like pigments in epoxy resin which are placed in
the floor or base.

Metal floors are designed especially for professional business and agricultural use where
architecturally unique, durable and robust customized floors are expected. In commercial spaces,
you could find this flooring in salons, hotel lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and offices.

In homes, you could find metallic epoxy flooring in living rooms, kitchens or basements. Metallic
floors are a superior solution for corporate and commercial applications. Integrated with the 100%
Epoxy-Shell solids, metallic pigments produce a sparkling and reflective floor that gives great
durability and endurance.

These coatings have several other benefits, not just ergonomically appealing. Metallic epoxy floor
covering is highly durable, non-yellowing, smooth, antimicrobial, spill-resistant and chemically
safe. These floors will not only look fantastic but will also fulfil all your specifications for quality.
They are ideal for areas such as waiting rooms, showrooms, hotels, galleries, etc