Solid Colours


A simple-looking, yet intriguing idea! It is an excellent epoxy coating framework which comes with two solvent-less elements containing no water or carrier solvent that have exemplary finishing and long term chemical characteristics. Not only is it slip-resistant, but the colours are immune to a number of chemical materials and other chemical weathering.  Since the colours contain no solvents and they are odourless, they are ideal for interior house applications, among others as well. Our
solid epoxy colour is pre-tinted to ensure adequate colour in the floor.

The epoxy has outstanding binding properties and can be used on most hard coatings. It also gives the substrate, a strong bond. If you want to increase your floor life and durability in one quick and cost-effective application, there is no better alternative than solid colour epoxy.

Our epoxy flooring is available in many textures and colours, complementing the decor and lighting of any room. It is easier to clean the stains and the surfaces provide resistant to bacteria.  Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. For such instances, one may want to go with solid colour flooring!


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Flake Floors

New businesses need newer ideas to attract the ever-changing market towards themselves while
the old businesses need to keep up with the everchanging trends of society. Gone are the days
when the same kind of flooring would be seen to have been replicated in nearly every building you
would walk into. Not only were the designs outdated and dull, but they were also suddenly a cause for
concern if say, the floor was wet, or if they were damaged.

This is no longer the case since the introduction and popularity of epoxy resins in the construction businesses and market.  Why flake floors? They are long-lasting, low maintenance, healthy in terms of harbouring microorganisms, anti-static, have an insulated covering to make sure that they are cool in summer while warm in winters, easy to repair in case of any damage, perfect for wet areas, noise reducing and fire-resistant – one could go on, really.

However, whilst having the characteristics listed above, they are also easy on the eye. These systems contain scattered decorative flakes which are sandwiched between the base and the upper layer finishing. The polymer or reflective metallic based flakes, or chips as they are also referred to as are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. The designs and options available are dependent on two factors only – you and your imagination!

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According to a study, hospital-associated infections have led to hundreds of deaths.

Microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi are the source of such infections and they inhabit different surfaces present in these places. In order to mitigate this concern in areas and settings where
sterilization is of prime importance, antimicrobial surfaces are being used widely nowadays.

The surface essentially contains an antimicrobial agent which inhibits the ability of these concern causing viruses to grow on the surface of a material. Such surfaces are being used not only in
healthcare setups, but also in industries and at homes.

With the application of such surfaces, one will not only protect the integrity of the surface itself,
such as floors but also guarantee that the patients who walk into a hospital, or the customers
which come to visit a business place, along with the staff present in either setting, are also safe and
secure from any such hazards.

Antimicrobial surfaces are just one of the many aspects which makes epoxy resin the goto product
in not only flooring but also construction-related applications in general.

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A metallic epoxy floor covering is coated glitter-like pigments in epoxy resin which are placed in
the floor or base.

Metal floors are designed especially for professional business and agricultural use where
architecturally unique, durable and robust customized floors are expected. In commercial spaces,
you could find this flooring in salons, hotel lobbies, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and offices.

In homes, you could find metallic epoxy flooring in living rooms, kitchens or basements. Metallic
floors are a superior solution for corporate and commercial applications. Integrated with the 100%
Epoxy-Shell solids, metallic pigments produce a sparkling and reflective floor that gives great
durability and endurance.

These coatings have several other benefits, not just ergonomically appealing. Metallic epoxy floor
covering is highly durable, non-yellowing, smooth, antimicrobial, spill-resistant and chemically
safe. These floors will not only look fantastic but will also fulfil all your specifications for quality.
They are ideal for areas such as waiting rooms, showrooms, hotels, galleries, etc

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Polyasparatic coatings are used as a high-performance topcoat on a number of epoxy and other
hard fibrous surfaces. Polyasparatic coating provides excellent corrosion protection for building
and growing equipment, motor cars, wind power plants and other equipment under the prevailing

Polyaspartic coatings offer minimal odour installation and negligible everyday activity interruption.
Installation and complete cure can be completed in just one day, depending on the floor size and
site requirements. High-quality Polyaspartic coatings do not rust during construction, unlike vinyl
floors and carpets.

Polyaspartic coatings can bear strong abrasions, toxic agents, mild damages, punctures, stains and
temperatures marginally higher than other coatings. The flooring systems do not require timeconsuming and expensive regular wax or resurfacing. Additionally, Polyaspartic coatings are UV resistant and can be used outdoors without yellowing.

This flooring can be used at extreme temperatures. It’s UV safe so when exposed to sunlight it won’t degrade. Also when exposed to
moisture, the floors will stay clear and will not stain or blush. Most importantly, flexibility and longevity are ensured.

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It is a natural flooring solution. Yes, you heard that right. It is essentially a combination of
quartz sand and calcium carbonate. Quartz is the most important sand forming mineral – given its
resistance to not only physical wear and tear but also chemical weathering.

Quartz floors have become a new trend in flooring options owing to its high build and durability,
its aesthetic appeal, the fact that its customizable to match any required setting and most of all –
its nearly zero maintenance requirement.

The floor consists of coloured quartz which is embedded and fused between the product layers,
which not only provide its appealing look but also the increased slip and abrasion resistance –
making this one of the most commonly installed flooring systems today.

The Quartz flooring options which you will have with us will be second to none! We manufacture
our own epoxy and polyaspartic, which is up there with the best being manufactured in the market
today, so do not be fooled by cheap imitations. They imitations may be a sincere attempt at flattery
but they are never close to the real product.

The products being developed undergo extensive research, development and testing phases before
they are eventually rolled out in the market to suit your setting and provide you with the aesthetic
and maintenance-free flooring system which you had been looking for!

These flooring systems are best suited for areas which undergo heavy foot traffic and daily wear
and tear.

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