A simple-looking, yet intriguing idea! It is an excellent epoxy coating framework which comes with two solvent-less elements containing no water or carrier solvent that have exemplary finishing and long term chemical characteristics. Not only is it slip-resistant, but the colours are immune to a number of chemical materials and other chemical weathering.  Since the colours contain no solvents and they are odourless, they are ideal for interior house applications, among others as well. Our
solid epoxy colour is pre-tinted to ensure adequate colour in the floor.

The epoxy has outstanding binding properties and can be used on most hard coatings. It also gives the substrate, a strong bond. If you want to increase your floor life and durability in one quick and cost-effective application, there is no better alternative than solid colour epoxy.

Our epoxy flooring is available in many textures and colours, complementing the decor and lighting of any room. It is easier to clean the stains and the surfaces provide resistant to bacteria.  Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. For such instances, one may want to go with solid colour flooring!