New businesses need newer ideas to attract the ever-changing market towards themselves while
the old businesses need to keep up with the everchanging trends of society. Gone are the days
when the same kind of flooring would be seen to have been replicated in nearly every building you
would walk into. Not only were the designs outdated and dull, but they were also suddenly a cause for
concern if say, the floor was wet, or if they were damaged.

This is no longer the case since the introduction and popularity of epoxy resins in the construction businesses and market.  Why flake floors? They are long-lasting, low maintenance, healthy in terms of harbouring microorganisms, anti-static, have an insulated covering to make sure that they are cool in summer while warm in winters, easy to repair in case of any damage, perfect for wet areas, noise reducing and fire-resistant – one could go on, really.

However, whilst having the characteristics listed above, they are also easy on the eye. These systems contain scattered decorative flakes which are sandwiched between the base and the upper layer finishing. The polymer or reflective metallic based flakes, or chips as they are also referred to as are available in a wide range of sizes and colours. The designs and options available are dependent on two factors only – you and your imagination!